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When the very core of society changed due to COVID-19, families were left struggling to find a way to celebrate the memory of the loved ones they lost during the pandemic.   Families and friends were unable to come together as they would have in the past to mourn and support each other during a very difficult and emotional time. 


This experience was shared by our founder, Nikeva, after the loss of her only uncle in April 2020.   A prominent figure in Chicago, IL for over 50 years, her uncle would have been celebrated by nearly a thousand people had the city not been shutdown and quarantined at the time of his passing.  Knowing that so many loved him and would have wanted to celebrate his life,  she set out to find a way for everyone to honor his life & his legacy - virtually.   Hence the birth of SouthWind Memorials. 


It is our goal to support families through their grieving process by encouraging them to remember the joys of the time they spent with their loved one.  Through photos, stories, videos, and more, we strive to get to know who the deceased was as a person and capture that in the memorials and tributes we create.

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